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New scale rotorhead Alouette 3 and Lama helicopter

Since 2011 our new scale rotorhead for the Alouette 3 and Lama is available!
We spared no effort to scale authenticity to nearly 100%. The entire rotorhead is designed in a CAD system named Inventor.

The rotor is also suitable for mounting on the Vario Lama with a major axis of 12 mm, using an adapter 12 to 15mm. The 15 mm axis fits the HeliTech mechanics.

The rotor diameter is between 2.4 and 2.6 meters.

The rotor is made of a high quality aluminum and is 70/75.
This type of aluminum is used by default in the aircraft industry.

The blade shafts are made of hardened ground shafts INA.
The axial bearings (INA) have a safety factor of 300%.
To assemble the plates and the blade main rotor blades we use high quality ground Bolts with a strength of 12.9.
All milling and turning parts are professional, company CNC, manufactured. Some parts of the rotor have been made on a 5-axis CNC machine.
All painted parts of the rotor are blasted then primed and painted with two-component paint. It is the original gray color of Aerospatiale, ( Euro-Copter)

We will deliver the rotorhead fully assembled.

Prices: 1-11-2012

The price of this scale rotorhead is E 2695.00.
A matching adapter costs E 49.00
A set of scale rotor blades cost E 900.00.


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